The Elephant

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Elephant making timelapse

Too many lives have been lost in the Wheatbelt. Let’s talk about the Elephant in the Wheatbelt.

What’s an elephant got to do with road safety?

At the RAC, we’re determined to do something about the road fatality rate in the Wheatbelt. It’s been far too high for far too long. But like the elephant in the room, it needs to be discussed. So we decided to do something that would get people talking. We created an elephant out of the scrap metal from crashed cars; a larger than life symbol that unequivocally states there is a big problem.

How can the RAC help?

With a five-year campaign in place, we will be investing significant funding and resources into the Wheatbelt to reduce road fatality rates. We’re working with the Wheatbelt community, Road Safety Council member organisations and the State Government to make a real difference to this issue.


How to build an elephant

We worked very closely with a local sculptor, Maurice Rosbotham to create this awe-inspiring piece. It began with detailed sketches of elephant anatomy. Then a steel frame was built to carry the 500kg ‘skin’ of crashed car parts. Finally the elephant was completed with a few poignant finishing touches: Safety belts, mobile phones, mirrors and oil stains.
Timelapse video

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