It's My Elephant

The people of the Wheatbelt have embraced our Elephant and the road safety issues he represents. What could you do the keep this important conversation going?

Do you have a small idea that could make a big difference? You never know, your idea could be made into a conversation inspiring ad, just like Karen, Pete and Lyndy's.

Karen, Northam community leader

"I've recently been affected by the death of someone close to me on Wheatbelt roads. I pain safe-driving signs to help my community, and make our roads safer for all drivers."

Pete, Grass Valley musician

"My song, Country Wave, is about the amount of crashes I've observed and I questioned why."

Lyndy, Moorine Rock principal

"I wanted to teach road safety at school and thought an Elephant in the Wheatbelt art project would be a great way to motivate and educate the kids."

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